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Assessing Air Decontamination Technologies and Studying the Survival and Inactivation of Human Pathogens in Indoor Air

We can assess all sort of air decontamination technology against all sort of microorganisms (bacteria, virus, bacteria phage, fungi and mycobacteria. Our unique facilities and robust test protocols for studying microbial fate in air and assessing technologies claiming air decontamination comply with the guideline of the U.S. EPA.

CREM Co Labs protocol became part of ASTM International’s Standard (ASTM 3273-21) and was referred in AHAM AC-5. CREM Co Labs is  AHAM approved laboratory for aerobiology testing. CREM Co Labs generated the data for registration of the first air sanitizer (Lysol) which has been registered by EPA.

CREM Co Labs Test Methods-February 2023