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Developing a Novel Kit for Auditing Microbial Decontamination in Health Care Facilities

The scientific objective of this study was to develop a simple audit kit to quantitatively assess and validate microbial decontamination of environmental surfaces in healthcare facilities.

CREM Co’s novel auditing kit can sample hard, non-porous environmental surfaces as large as 30×60 cm (1×2 feet) with >80% recovery of the microbial burden. The process is simple, economical while being fully quantitative. The spray-and-wipe procedure using a microfiber cloth permits wiping of both smooth and uneven surfaces while also recovering microbes from dried surface biofilms. The kit can assess the presence of viable bacteria and fungi/unit surface area sampled. The turnover time of the method remains similar to that of other available methods such as swabbing of surfaces. Members of the environmental services staff can be readily trained in its use. It has been successfully field-tested.

The efficacy of available kits and techniques for auditing environmental surfaces is very low. Their recovery rate from surfaces is not more than 50%. CREM Co’s kit is capable of auditing environmental surfaces with a recovery of more than 80%. While other kits are capable of sampling just even surfaces, CREM Co’s kit  can sample uneven surfaces as well as even surfaces.