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Drug Screening and Discovery using Zebrafish as an Animal Model


Using stablished methods in 5 dpf larvae to identify efficient compounds to cure epilepsy


Glucose measurement in 7 dpf larvae to identify the compounds which are efficient in lowering glucose level

Brain Micro-bleeding (BMB)/Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH):

Using stablished methods to identify efficient compounds to rescue the bleeding in 3 dpf larvae



Using MPP+ model to identify potential drugs in 5 dpf larvae


Assessment of locomotor activity and photomotor response in 5 dpf larvae by performing alternating light/dark locomotion assay using DanioVision Noldus tracking system to identify efficient compounds


Thigmotaxis assay to identify anxiolytics and anxiogenics in 3 dpf larvae

Wound Healing:

Tailfin transection in 4 dpf larvae and assaying its healing 4 and 6 days after wounding to identify efficient compounds


In-vivo anti-oxidation assays in 3 dpf larvae to identify antioxidants for pharma and cosmetics

Melanin Quantification:

Using stablished methods in 2 dpf larvae to identify whitening-agents for cosmetics